King or Priest?

This week I’ve started reading Rich Marshall’s book, God @ Work and it is very enlightening to me.

I’ve only read the first two chapters and I am already convinced that God has ordained and anointed the teaching in this book!  Rich shares how men and women in the marketplace can be just as effective in bringing people into God’s kingdom as ministers in the pulpits.

I was really inspired by his writing on page 21 where he speaks about a conversation he had with the Lord while preparing his Christmas message to give that morning.  He states:

“The Lord reminded me that what He does in the natural realm is intended to speak to us in the spiritual realm.  ‘Yes, I put John the Baptist into the home of a priest, and I put My Son into the home of a businessman.  Remember the purpose, my calling on John? He was to announce the arrival of My Son.'”

This really struck me as so significant.  Jesus grew up in the home of a carpenter, a businessman, not in the home of a pastor or priest.  This alone proves to me that God values business men and women, and that there is a place for everyone in the plans and purposes of God.

On page 22, I highlighted the following text:

“What the Lord whispered into my spirit that day was this: ‘That is still the purpose for My priests.  They are to announce the coming revival.  And as it was with My Son, born into the home of a king, a businessman, my purpose for the kings is to bring that revival in.  I will use them, the business and professional people, CEOs and employees, to bring in the harvest.'”

Friends, this is good news!!  We are all important to God, and God plans to use everyone of us to bring in His harvest of souls to His kingdom!  So whether you are a priest (pastor, minister) or a king (business person, CEO, employee), YOU have a place in His plan!!

I hope that excites you as much as it does me!

I am really looking forward to reading the rest of this book, and I invite you to join me.  Order it online (I got mine from Amazon) or pick up a copy at a local Christian bookstore.

So, are you a Priest or a King?  Are you excited about the ways God will use you?  Will you share a comment about your journey?

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