Light in the Darkness

After a  women’s meeting at my church this past fall, I came home very excited about our speaker’s enthusiasm with the fact that we are the light in the growing darkness seen in our nation, and the fact that as it gets darker and darker, we can therefore shine brighter and brighter.

I had been talking with a friend the Sunday prior about how I am just not sure what exactly God wants us as Christians to do about what is going on in our nation and with Israel.  I agree that we can certainly pray, and I believe we are called to do so, but somehow I just feel like maybe our focus has been wrong.

I spoke to my friend about how we love this nation and we don’t want to see it destroyed or see our freedoms taken away, but that I wonder if we are really focusing on the wrong things by being so disturbed over what we currently see.  I wonder if this is really just part of God’s plan.

And then I got to thinking about our evening speaker’s statement and the way her face kind of lit up as she spoke, and it all came together for me.  Yes, our nation is very dark and getting darker, but God is using us to shine forth His light even brighter and brighter.

The greater the darkness, the brighter our light will become.  Praise His name!

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