React or Respond?–Which is most effective in dealing with people?

Listening to a coworker complain, “She drives me crazy!!!” got me thinking.  Does anyone really drive us crazy, or do we merely allow them to do that to us?  Is it sometimes caused by our reaction to what is said, rather than taking time to think things through, spending some time investigating all the facts, and then giving an intelligent response instead?

People, coworkers, superiors, bosses, customers…all can “drive us crazy” sometimes, but really if you think about it, it is only when we allow them to.  No one can really “drive us crazy” unless we let them.

So, next time you have someone getting on your nerves, pushing your buttons so to speak, think about how far you are going to let this person take you.  How long are you going to simply react to this person instead of stopping, thinking, doing whatever is necessary to be able to instead give a good response.

Let’s strive to respond to people in a positive way.  Let’s get all the facts.  Let’s take time to think things through.  Let’s sometimes sleep on it and face it tomorrow.  I think we will find life is a whole lot better and less stressed when we respond instead of simply react.

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