Serving God in Church

While driving this morning and listening to ReachFM, hearing the pastor tell their church service times, I was thinking about churches with more than one service and how sometimes there are people who attend that never really meet or get to know those who attend a different service.  Then I thought about all the people in my church whom I have gotten to know over the years.  I was thinking about how oftentimes we do not attend the same service but yet we know each other pretty well.  I realized that it is my own involvement in our church activities and ministries that has afforded me the privilege of getting to know these wonderful people.  This gave me the idea for this blog post.

As I devote my business life to God, I certainly do not want to neglect my personal and spiritual life.  It is in all things in my life that I commit myself to God and seek to serve Him.  As I minister to others within my church, as I serve in ministries there, as I greet visitors, in all the ways I live my life, I seek to honor Him, for He is worthy.  He is worthy indeed!

I encourage you to get involved in your church if you are not involved already, or perhaps ask God where He might want you to get involved in a new way.  He wants to use each of us to bring others to Christ, and He works in other people’s lives through our own.  We all have a story to tell, a testimony to give, something to share.  God can use all these things to minister to others.  I encourage you to let Him use you TODAY!!

If you live in the Newark, DE area and are looking for a church home, I invite you to visit Word of Life Christian Center.  You will be warmly welcomed!

I would love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to add a comment.  Have a blessed day in the Lord!

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In all areas of life we strive to serve, honor and glorify our God. He alone gives us Victory in Life and Business and that Victory is therefore Divine!
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