Seven Character Traits of Successful People!

Received this in an e-mail from Chris Widener. Great stuff!!

Seven Character Traits of Successful People!

  1. They are hard working.
    There is no such thing as easy money. Success takes hard work and people who are willing to do it.
  2. They are honest.
    Those who are successful long-term are the honest ones. Dishonest people may get the first sale, but honest people will get all the rest!
  3. They persevere.
    How many success stories will go untold because they never happened? And all because someone quit. Successful people outlast everybody else.
  4. They are friendly.
    Have you noticed that most successful people are friendly and people oriented? This endears them to others and enables them to lead others to accomplish the task.
  5. They are lifelong learners.
    Successful people are people who stretch themselves and grow continually, learning from all areas of life, including from their mistakes.
  6. They over-deliver.
    The old statement of under-promise and over-deliver became famous because it made a lot of people successful, including the richest man in the world – Bill Gates
  7. They seek solutions in the face of problems.
    Problems are opportunities to do the impossible, not just complain. Successful people are the ones who find solutions.

Chris Widener

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