Thoughts on success

Success…we all want it, don’t we?  When do we feel we have become successful?  When have we “arrived”?

I was watching a YouTube video interview between Dan Cathy and Seth Godin at the recent #Chick-fil-A Leadercast event.  Dan was talking to Seth about writing and writing to lead.  As Seth was giving his insight on why people find it difficult to write at times, he talked about how important it is to write every day even if no one else ever reads it.  He said that he always encourages people to start up a blog and write something each day.

I must say that I feel my writing skills have improved tremendously since I have started blogging.  God has grown me in the area of writing, and I have a goal for a book I have dreamed of writing for many years.

Seth mentioned something that particularly stuck out to me and it is this:  He said that success isn’t doing what other people think you should be doing.  Success is doing work you are proud of.  I think that is a powerful definition of success.

What do you think?

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