Trust…Can we trust God?  Can we trust others?  How about our coworkers, our employees, our business partners, our competition?  Can they in turn trust us?

I was reading a short devotional today that addressed the topic of trust and it spurred some thought for posting here on the blog.  It is my life goal to trust God in all things, but it is not always easy for sure!  I want to be able to trust others but this too is not always easy. 

The thing that stuck out to me in this devotional I read was how Jesus trusted us with His gospel message, how He could have used any other means for broadcasting His message to the world, but He chose us!  If you have put your faith in Jesus and call Him Lord of your life, then He trusts you with His message.  Isn’t that a humbling thought?  Does that make you feel special and important to Him?  It should!

Just think, during the years Jesus was here on earth He chose many who were less than perfect, just like us, to communicate His Good News to others. 

Think of Peter who denied Him three times, yet after Jesus arose and spoke with Peter He instructed him, “Feed my sheep,” leaving it in Peter’s hands to do this.

Think of Thomas who doubted and needed to actually see the nail holes in Jesus’ hands and feet before he would believe that Jesus really arose from the dead.  Thomas was skeptical and could have been considered one who would be argumentative and not worthy to carry the gospel message to others, yet Jesus trusted him.

Jesus uses our shortcomings, our failures and our fears for His glory, and He allows us to share with others based on our own life experiences what He has done in our life and can therefore do in someone else’s life.

Who is it Jesus wants you to share His Good News with today?  Can He trust you to do it?  He does trust you.  Now go and do it!!

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In all areas of life we strive to serve, honor and glorify our God. He alone gives us Victory in Life and Business and that Victory is therefore Divine!
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