“Well done, good and faithful servant.”

As stated in Matthew 25:23a, we should long for that day when we will hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”  And we will hear that said about us if we have remained faithful to His call to excellence in our life and in all that He has given us to do.

No matter where you find yourself in your work, be it in service to clients and customers in a business of your own, or in your job at your place of employment where you answer to someone in higher authority, make sure you are seeking God about how best to perform your work according to His standards.  God has a plan for us in all aspects of our life, including our work, and He expects our participation.  He wants us to seek His guidance.

God calls us to be different in the way we work so that we represent Him in our dealings with others in our business or workplace.  Let us make our work matter, not only for those we rub shoulders with each day, but for eternity, for our Lord and His kingdom and purposes.

God bless you as you strive to serve Him in all that you do each day!

About Ted & Janan

In all areas of life we strive to serve, honor and glorify our God. He alone gives us Victory in Life and Business and that Victory is therefore Divine!
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