You Are Made For Success!

Have you ever thought about the power of incremental success? One of my favorite quotes is from Tony Robbins when he says that most people overestimate what they can do in a year but they underestimate what they can do in ten years. Very powerful if you think about it.

Most people quit because they expect to try something or begin something, and that it will happen for them right away. Not true, or at least rarely true. Take weight loss for example. You can’t lose 30 pounds in two weeks. But if you lose 1/4 pound a day, in 120 days you will have lost 30 pounds!

One time a prolific writer was asked how he writes so many books. His answer? “One page at a time.” Perfect!

What about you? Are you feeling a little blue because you aren’t getting where you want to be?  Well, consider that it may take you more time than you thought.  But if you will take it step by step—incrementally—then you will eventually get there.  Just keep moving in the right direction and your perseverance will pay off!

You Are Made For Success!

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